Apparel Trading & Supply Chain Management Company. INTEND BD LTD is a service organization representing an exclusive & comprehensive manufacturing and comparative but competitive price that simplifies your Apparel Business in Garments Clothing – all kinds of Knitted, Sweater and woven Wears in Bangladesh. We have big setup with a satisfied accommodations to give valued buyer the full support in All type of Garment.


The supply chain management and value added services we provide includes:

•We have a Merchandising team who have the capacity to do the detail costing and support the buyer parallel to get the correct price from the factory.

•We do the thread bear follow up with the strict time and action calendar to make sure the goods are on correct fit, quality, and shipped on time.

•We have Quality controller team, having textile background who are involved from the product development to shipment. They work hand in hand with the merchandisers, fit tech team and buyers manual and QA guideline. We follow AQL 2.5.

• We have strong commercial team to follow up the documents and check the documents. As we assure the correct document on time. so that customer do not have any problem to release the goods.